Q & A Tuesday – Week 3

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Awais Hassan

I have 300/400k how can I get too 2 mil


Ia Van Der Beek a good investment for next week? cause maybe he will be out of the packs


Is Pjanic a good investment. Cheap somewhat high rated. Got 20 for about 5.2k. If selected how much could he go up?


Hey Chief. I subscribed yesterday. This is great stuff! I’ve previously been trading by bidding on rare silvers under 400 coins and selling for 250 coins more. Would you say this is a decent method? I currently have about 100k. Cheers.

Hugo Costa

I have a few Telles hanging around my club, bought them for 10,5k… any reason why they don’t seem to reach that 15k mark? Is it because EA dropped his United card for a few hours before being OOP?
Also, do you think I should sell Anderson before I lose many more coins (bought 3 of him for 21k) or wait a few more days till his Porto card comes (if it comes out…)

Hugo Costa

Thanks Chief, have a nice one!


UFEA MM predictions?


When do you expect Felipe Anderson to rise? He’s consistently fallen below the suggested buy price of 23k. I got some and it’s currently looking like I will have to sell at a loss…

jay bennett

where can i find the top buys chief


How about trading/investing with icons ? Any advice ? Isn’t it most profitable ?


The hype around OTW odegaard clearly has already started, but when to sell best do you think? Wait till tomorrow right before TOTW or sell earlier??


Nice, exactly what I thought.


Hi chief, I just packed mane 😆 .I’m wanting to make investments as soon as possible for odegaard but if I sell now I may not get as much. What would you suggest?


Already bought them at 30K


NVM. Read the wrong reaction. Thanks.




Hi chief I bought a bunch of mat hummels for 10-11 k and he’s currently 13k, should I sell now or do you think we will continue to go up


Is it a good idea to buy a bunch of reguillion for 6.2k for Thursday????


Chief, i am not getting the emails. Am i missing a checkbox somewhere?


how do i get into the discord?


yeah i am bronze


did this but i dont see the channel. Also followed the troubleshoot page, log off on both systems and try again, still no luck


ah, sorry, misunderstood!


Hey chief, I really want otw suarez for my main team, when would be the best time to pick him up? I know he goes out of packs and then right back into packs next week so im not too sure.


Hey Chief, what do you think about POTM SBC Bundesliga. Its is likely Kramaric will get it, so should we invest in some high rated BL Players ?


Hey Chief I am looking to buy IF Renato Sanches for this upcoming WL. I’ve heard a lot of people are investing in him so maybe there will be some panic selling tomorrow or Friday? What do you think


Always appreciate the help Chief!


Hi Chief, sitting on 600k any investments all my milinovic savic sold at the list for lazies price sitting on few andersons, telles and partey’s


Cant find any halstenberg under 12k, holding some of the MM also