Investment: Partey/Ødegaard

TOTW 3 came out today, and both Partey and Ødegaard made it in. Their OOP situation is VERY interesting.

  • October 9-16th: OOP for OTW Team 1
  • October 16th-21st: OOP for TOTW 3
  • October 21st-26th: OOP for OTW Team

I think this lack of supply should cause them to go up substantially in price for the 17 days they are out of packs.

**filter this card by choosing Arsenal/Ghana

Sell when you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investing opportunity.



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Hi chief,

Got myself some Odegaards, any idea what is the target time to sell ?

also Partey’s price rose already, 68k on ps4 is still a good price ?


Thanks a lot, didn’t pay attention to his max price, will keep an eye on him.


Hey Chief, what do you think about Havertz and Thiago as an investment, cuz theyll get OTW


Hey chief do you know when a good time and price to sell at looking to invest in mostly odegard as I’m down on coins


Hey Chief, I want Joe Gomez for my team; do you think I will lose a lot of money on him? Thanks


What is Oop and do I buy the gold or the totw odegarrds


OOP – out of packs; it means that specific cart is out from pack for some time (in this case it is GOLD Odegaard out up to 26th).


Any thoughts on Donny V Beek gold card for the same reason? Medium budget with potentially decent ROI.


Hey chief you expect meta cards will rise tommorow ? Or even today ? Some cards has gone down and im thinking about ivesting in cards like Joao Felix he is about 9.8k on ps4 right now


Hey Chief,

i got Ramos, Firmino and walker in my team. Not going to play wl. What is a great time to sell because they already went due to totw?


Hi Chief
Just invested on a Sane and a Havertz.
Good idea or do I need to get rid of them?


Yo Chief!

What to do with the 11 – 12k Halstenberg IFs? Still keep em and wait or yank them out at 13k and move on?



Hey Chief, with the CBP for icons, what is the ROI typically as I’m wondering if I should take it out. Furthermore why are the prices only recorded once a day. Would it not be more accurate taking the prices multiple times a day?


Hey Chief, Odegaard has been 3.4, then 3.2 now 2.9 on xBox, I’ve bought about 20 so far under 3.5… how much do you think he’s likely to rise? And should I keep buying more?


Hi Chief!
Is there any fear that Odegaard seems to be a bit over-invested?
He doesn’t seem to be in short supply on the market for an OOP card. I’m concerned that when all the investors dump their Odegaards on the market he’ll crash under 2k even while being OOP.
Would be interesting to hear your opinions on this.


Hi Chief,

Felipe Anderson as an investment now?
he’s pick him up for 6.5k once he eventually goes out of packs has to be a 100-200% ROI relatively quickly. The only epl Lm/Lw close to him in price is Zaha at 25 With far worse links. Similarly for Brazil the only Lm/Lw comparable is costa at 40k.

Seems like a solid investment but maybe I’m biased as I have a small amount in him.


Is there any possibility they don’t add it? As surely he has to be added within the next 2-4 weeks at the most?

Is there a price in which you would see him as a good investment at for someone with spare coins?

Samuel Eto

Odegard is 2,5k now, shall I go for him with my 50k budget?


Hey Chief, when would be a good time to buy some players like valverde and dembele?


Hi Chief

I invested in arsenal, city and Porto players. E.g mbemba is at 1500 bow, bought for 3-400. Do you expect him and the other cards to rise throughout the next week?


Hey Cheif, any investments now based on the market drop today. Will some of the cheap meta palyers bounce as theres alot of players very cheap now. with some players losing 35-50% today?


Hi Chief,

Is it worth investing in 84 rated golds since they seem so cheap?
I got a bunch of Witsels and Oyarbazals and not sure if I should cut losses or keep a hold.

I remember in last year’s FIFA, 84 cards went really high at time.



Hey chief, odegaard is at 2.5k right now is it still a good idea in investing him. He’s not really a meta card will he rise at least to 3.5k ? Or should i invest in other players


Hey chief, Im a barca fan so I need to do the Fati potm. DO you have any idea when it would be the best time to do it like when the fodder would be cheapest?