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What does the fut champs delay do to the market?


Hi, i got a team for 700k and i’am worried that i will lose a lot of coins if i have them in my team for 2 long.
son, aguero, partey (gold), ziyech, regulion, alderweilder, laporte and wan bissaka tradable
what should i do? sell or keep some or what is your advice?


I think he’s referring to the prem league partey based on his team.

He is in TOTW 3 so he will stay out of packs for another week, his price is currently max right now so if they do a price increase it should go up otherwise, once he’s back in packs he will go back down (unless people are waiting for another Price update).


Looking at this table do you think Eriksen Licht je a good look for OTW3?

SMS has dipped to 7,7k. Do you think he’ll recover or continue to rise?


Yeah I meant TOTW! Sorry! :)

10k a good listing price for SMS?

Thank you!

Tan Blatchman

Hello Chief,

Just packed Havertz, good hold for the next couple weeks until after OTW eh?

Cheers mate.


So, invest in gold cards of OTW 2?


Hi chief, picked a OTW Vidal do you think it’s a card that will increase or should i move it on now? Thankyou


Hey chief, Thiago, Arthur, semedo, Rodrigo as investments?


Of course list for laziest but when are theses cards typically at there highest values?


Rodrigo is 25k now on PC. Do you think he will rise? He drop like 6k since Ea update his price range.