Investment: UEFA MM

Champions League begins again on Tuesday. EA puts out UEFA MM for this, featuring one match from Tuesday and one match from Wednesday.

While I think it is difficult to decide who will be the Tuesday match, the Wednesday match should come down to Ajax v. Liverpool or Bayern v. Atletico. The following are the prices I like them at:

Ajax golds:ย XBOX 500 PS4 500 PC 500

Liverpool golds: XBOX 500 PS4 500 PC 500

Bayern golds: XBOX 750 PS4 750 PC 750

Atletico golds: XBOX 750 PS4 750 PC 750

You can sell in the hype on Tuesday, or hold and gamble in hopes your fixture has requirements that cause them to rise.



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do the prices go up for all players in the run up to these games?

in the previous MM the players prices didnโ€™t do much


hey chief, when do you think the best time to sell in the hype? early tuesday?


do you see boateng rising for mm on tuesday? he has his lowest value on market at the moment…..want to to try to push 500k in?!


Chelsea vs Seville or PSG vs MANU for Tue?


Do u think players like greenwood, James, Matic of others for the uefa MM will rise? Because now the are deceasing instead of increasing….