Investment: UCL PR Mistakes

EA released UCL cards yesterday. Many of their price ranges are far too low.

No one can be sure when they will update these, but you should be able to make some nice profit when they do if you can manage to snipe them.



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All extinct chief ?


ofc, thats why u need to snipe


Florenzi is back down to 20k. Wtf is with this market


He should rise again though right?


Yeah… I missed the hype. Iโ€™ll sell some now and hold on to a few and try to sell them before WL


Hey Chief,

Its sad. I have 10 OTW Florenzi’s which I bought for 20-21k each. I was hoping to make profit out of them. Should I take my losses or wait it out?


HEY Chief .
Ramos is down to 125 k. Thats pretty low since before WL rewards and the fact that him and varane are the best la liga cb ? Investment there.


Well bought 10 ramos at 125 k. Sold at 155k . Rashford at 190k . Sold 4 at 120k . New the wl rewards wi juice high rated metas .


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Thanks, Chief. Managed to get a bit so far.


got some chief but when to sell?

trevor hockings

Hey when should I sell hinterger and when should i buy my weekend league team i just got a mane and salah because thwy are low


Hey Chief,
What do you think about IF Parejo as an investment ? He is one of the cheapest 86 rated Players + He is an IF

Samuel Eto

Hey Chief. Will the players that are usable like dembele (now 44k) dip after scream event drop (bc of the supply)? Or will he they rise (because ppl will get coins from packs to buy them)?


What’s a good sell price for the Barca/Real cards? 1.5k?


Nevermind found the answer on another post. I’ll list them at 1.3k. Don’t want to be too greedy this time…


Hi chief, what you think about high rated players like kane for 21k Casimiro for 25? when the icon sbcs are out it will be an insane rise right?

Louis Aimetti

Hey i have a question: I bought one insigne for 17k and one moura for 65k as a link investment for kane and mertens wich should ne coming out tonight do you think thats a Good idea?


Hey Chief! Couple of questions:

1. I was thinking of becoming a subscriber but Patreon always renews on the first of the month right?

2. I bought some Osimhen and Hakimi OTW. Do you think they’re good investments to sell before their matches as well? I know a lot of people don’t run Serie A but I think their pace makes them cards people would want to buy. Was thinking Vidal might be a good option too. I see a lot of content creators running that Vidal-Naingollan midfield. What do you think?



I just subscribed, you get charged when you initially sign up and then again on the first. I’m thinking of upgrading to get access to the discord server though!


Thanks! I went with a basic sub for now and maybe I’ll upgrade in november ๐Ÿ™‚


Chief, if is subscribe right now, is it for a month or is it till 1 nov?

Cian Grimes

Hey Chief,
I bought 200 ucl rare cards for 1200 expecting an sbc and therefore a rise. No sbc has come therefore Iโ€™m in a loss at the moment should I sell and accept my loss or do you think an sbc may come and that they would be worth holding ?