Q & A Tuesday – Week 5

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Tan Blatchman

Hello Chief,

Any thoughts on those untradeable pack SBCs? Good value or nah because they’re untradeable?



Hi chief,

IF Delaney is starting to rise, do you think I should sell for 70k and rake 3k benefit or wait a bit longer?


Wait, if you look at Upameco IF, he was around 130k and now he is 220k. I expect Delaney to reach high in the coming days


Ah alright, good to know. I’m still new to trading so yeah



I see people buying meta cards (for instance rashford) for like 120k end sell for 140k. When is it the best time to buy those cards? And when to sell?
I should have some advice in this one.


Hi chief! Whats your thoughts on Varane for 300K?


That is expensive, he was around 280k a couple days back. Even 250k two weeks ago.


Yeah, I checked out his graph, but such a high rated meta card. Cant see it drop back to 250 tbh


Thanks! Looking to buy for main team. When or at what price should I be looking at?


Great! Ty!


Hey chief, thoughts on IF werner? Looking like good value at just over 300k with base at 220k, rashford base is also at 220k but IF is at almost 600k (rashford does look a bit better)


Invested in a ton of UCL cards last night for around 1200-1300K each. Goes for around 1,8-2K now. Do you think they will continue to rise until the release of UEFA MM?


Hey Chief, I want to make a good Team to grind and have fun, when is the best time? and also, would it be good to implement some Icons for Overnight selling?


Hi chief, what would be a great investment right now at the striker position ?

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Hi Chief,

Iโ€™m currently working some nightshifts and have a lot of free time over night (uk time) to look at the market.

Any good strategies you know of to make coin over night?



Will Lewandowski drop/rise in value if he is/isnโ€™t in totw?

Max B

Hi Chief!

I bought a De Bruyne a little while back as both a hopeful investment and for my squad. I haven’t been too impressed with him in game given the ~300k price tag (I’m on PC), and he’s held pretty steady there. I’m wondering if there is any value in holding him, I’m pretty sure the coins are best invested elsewhere as I try some other options for his spot.

I’m in the same situation with Varane, but he’s been a monster at the back for me and don’t want to let him go =)

Just wanted to see what your thoughts on this situation are, it seems like lots of high value golds have just kinda held their prices, at least on PC.

Thanks for all of your insight and advice!


Hey Chief, any investments you can say just now other than the top buys?


Do you like buying high rated players SBC players on Thursday?
84- rated for example


Chief do you think Laporte will go more down? Planning to sell Van Dijk and change him for laporte, just to have a link with makeliele


Best time to buy rule breakers ocampos?


When you say buy during rewards, do you mean rivals rewards or champions? And during that hour or an hour later( due to the listing)


Is trading metas on a weekly basis a viable trading technique? For example buying Allan’s, ASMs, Joe Gomez etc and selling for when people buying WL teams. If so could you give some advice on best time to buy and best time to sell?


hey chief do you think that walker is a good investment for 100 k ? it went up to 130-140 k on thursday/friday


I bought ferland mendy for 116k. Is it a good price and will be rise for rewards?


what would be a good price to buy him for? and how much to list for lazy buyers? Thanks for the help btw i appreciate it!


Hi chief, Delaney inform currently sitting at 69k, would you agree in saying Iโ€™m too late now on this investment, or do you believe I could possibly squeez a few coins out of him buying him at 69 before he goes out of packs


Hi chief. Got 130k and would like to get trading. Got any tips or advice on what seems to be a crazy market.

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Ok chief appreciate the reply. Out of interest what are your subs earning per month with your subscription.


Hi Chief! I’m willing to put in the work to make that 5 million a month. Once my transfer list is clear I should have 750k to get started with. I’ve got the basic membership but want to upgrade for discord access and early access to articles, when do you think is the best time to do this?