Investment: Ødegaard/Asensio

Player: Ødegaard/Asensio

EA Tweeted on Tuesday that Isco will be getting a UCL Live SBC since Real Madrid beat Inter. There is a chance that they will require Real Madrid players for the SBC, and I think Ødegaard and Asensio are decent looks because of their low price and high ratings.

ØdegaardXBOX 1k PS4 1k PC 1k

AsensioXBOX 800 PS4 800 PC 800

Target SELL: I would sell after the Isco SBC SBC is released



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How munch do you think they will rise?


I bought a lot of carvajal. Since isco is already 84 I was thinking his new card will be 86 at least. Also most SBCs that have come out had required 84 or 85 rated teams, matching the cards rating. Do you think I made the right call?


How long do we have to wait for isco?


Hey Chief, snagged about 20 of each! Fingers crossed. Also wanted to ask, people are saying Rashford is getting a RTTF card tomorrow, should I sell my IF right now then since his RTTF will likely be ST? Cheers


Tough one, would be weird since he already has an inform and is likely to get more IFs this year. Saw a post saying RTTF cards are ALWAYS the same position as their gold cards. Is this true? Hoping it is


Hi Chief

Bought a few Dumfries at 18k. He sells for about 24-25k now. How high do you reckon he could go if a player like promes gets a RTTR card tomorrow? I am considering to sell in the hype, but due to Opara I might see it out


Hi chief, is it worth starting a club stock of informs as we a creeping up on icon sbcs


Do you think hradecky is a good invest from the current totw?
cheapest 85 if and from bl.


I am rolling the dice with UCL Muller and bought 50 at $11K.


Nov password doesn’t work for me. Tried to copy and paste too.


It was typed incorrectly in on of the emails. There was an ‘S’ missing.


I invested a lot of coins on IF Paulinho… do you see him going up in the future? The card has dropped 7-9k already 🙁


Hey Chief! I bought 2 rb cards of Opara each for 57k. Last night his price was 68k and now is 62k. When should I sell? Will his price fall after 18:00 uk?


Hi Chief. Best time to sell RB Reus? I’m thinking of offloading now instead of holding another week. What do you think?



Chris Barber

Hey chief,

Bought a bunch of asensio’s. They did okay w the orzyabal. We still thinking there’s an Isco coming. Also I packed Road to Finals Griezman. Sold him before he dropped too much. Have a few other otw investmensts. Could probably free up around 750-800k. Looking for a solid icon who’s good in game or safe investment. Thoughts?

Chris Barber

Thanks. Best useable investment iyo?