Investment: Yann Sommer

Yann Sommer was the MOTM with 2 pen saves and a 9.3 rating in Switzerland’s 1-1 draw against Spain. He has a good chance to make TOTW 8 on Wednesday, which would put his gold card out of packs.

In addition, he is one of the cheapest 86 rated players, something that would be useful for the expected Icon SBCs next Friday, November 20th.

  • Sommer: XBOX 12k PS4 12k PC 13k

If he makes TOTW 8, make sure you sell before he returns to packs on November 25th. A good sell price would be 15-17k.



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Do you think hakimi is likely to get a totw or just werner


is this a safe investment? i have also invested in a lot of lucas leiva to.


i sold my team because of the market crash, when should i buy up again?


Are you 100% sure? Donโ€™t you think the market will go up before black friday because people will panic buy again and players will dissapear (sorry if bad english).


Hey chief! When do you think is the best time to buy Llorente IF? Thanks!


Hi, i’ve inverted in douglas costa rulebreaker (390k) and klosterman rttf (335k) , i want to hold them until they rebound. (Lewa potm and champions for kloster) you think they will recover and maybe i win some coins? The bet is done but all this panic….


Thanks, now im looking closely to llorente if and saint maximin if, i see they dropped a lot and i think they are potentially rebounders, what do you think? (also i’ve many coins inverteds just for sbc fodder)


just packed rttf sissoko, sell now or wait with him? Its my first card worthy more than 100k do i wants to Play thus good


With UCL/UEL RTTF promo ending this Friday do you think we could see a best of TOTW or other promo for black friday?


With that in mind, do you think Rewards this thursday will offer the best buying opportunity for sbc fodder?


Makes sense! Thans chief!


I’ve noticed a dramatic drop in gomez and walker’s prices. Can they bounce back? Should I invest? I currently have 120k with the profit I made from Di Maria, Verratti and Depay.


Just found the site, content looks very helpful!
I wanted some help with gold Rashford. How far is he likely gonna drop?
Thanks :)


Hey cheif,

I am planning on getting the vidal otw as hes likely to get an if this week. He is currently double his price than he was before. I am not in a rush to buy when should his price be the lowest? Do you think on sunday?


Add on I am buying him for my team and not as an investment