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Mathias Nielsen

What do you think about UCl rare perisic? Wouldn’t he be a good investment if Inter gets a marquee match up next week? He’s only 1.1k


Hi Chief. Wil you have any advice for tonight for us ?

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hi chief. I got a few Fernando IF at 20k on pc. should i list at 22-23k now, or wait for oop and maybe it gets higher? if it doesn’t get higher than 24k then i would list now instead. what do you think? thanks

Andreas Mägi

Hi, Alejando Gomez is 19,500k on xbox should i pick 10-20 cards up or will he go down


hi chief i see valverde is up a lot on xbox. is it a bad idea to sell now in hope he doesn’t go back down? or is it better to wait. cheers