Investment: Man U Rare Golds

Manchester United has a big match on Tuesday against Leipzig in Champions League. They also have a fixture against Manchester City next weekend. There is a good chance they make it into Marquee Matchups for one or the other and being required.

Manchester United Rare Golds: XBOX 750* PS4 750* PC 750*

*Aim for rare golds as they quick sell for more.

Sell after UEFA MM on Tuesday/Wednesday if they make it in. Sell after MM on Thursday otherwise.



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mathias Nielsen

Sorry for the OT Chief, but i just packed Martinez IF86. should i sell him now or wait untill he goes out of packs?

mathias Nielsen

Thanks mate!


what do you think about david de gea as an investment for potm bruno (potenially)? one of the chepest 86 and if bruno win there will be demand for man united player to do sbc


I bought him already since I was afraid about all patreon calls to buy this guy in Thursday, we’ll see how it goes, I invested in him 500k

Mike J

Would suggest everyone gets on Atletico Madrid rares too – big game against Salzburg on Weds followed by the Madrid Derby on Sat.

Notoriouss D

Just Packed TOTW mendy
and im New to the whole transfer scene
any advice on what to do with him?
on futbin it showed he can go up to 78,000
people buy HIM now for 47,000
Any advice would be welcome 😅👌

Notoriouss D

That helps a lot thanks for the advice 👌


What’s would be a decent profit here?


Hey Chief! Should we prepare for futmas? is it time to buy 83-84 golds?


You holding the MU rares until Thursday with hopes they include City in both MMs this week or unloading them today?


I sold every united player i invested in, you really think they wont get a sbc?


Hi Chief, so if it is rarely that Man U gets an SBC on Thursday due to the fact that City is already on the UCL MM, would you rather go for Real Madrid or Atletico?


they didnt get to uefa mm, should i wait with selling them to see if they make it to mm?