Investment: TOTW 11 Fodder

TOTW fodder have been a safe bet recently. I expect more of the same for TOTW 11 fodder. The following are my favorite looks with buy prices:

Trippier: XBOX 26k PS4 26k PC 27k

El Arabi: XBOX 15k PS4 15k PC 15k

Otavio: XBOX 14k PS4 14k PC 14k

Hugo Mallo: XBOX 11k PS4 11k PC 11k

Look to buy during Freeze pack openings this weekend. List for lazies and look to sell after rewards next Thursday, December 17th. A profit of 2-3k would be solid.



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Hello Chief, at what time during thursday you recommend to sell?, at the morning when they release the packs o hold up a little bit?
King regards.


I’m new to trading sorry but why do you expect these cards to go up in price?


Sbc bro


Hi chief,

I went all in with your 85 suggestions but all the icon sbcs only need tokens. Do you think there will be another 85 sbc that people will actually make? The previous player sbcs were way too overpriced and hardly anyone made them. That’s why I’m a little scared.


Hello chief is acerby already good investment?


Will kante continue to drop?


thx, el arabi has increased to 18k .so, I sold him.
Ruben aguilar didnt increase from last week. should we wait or sell?


Not sure how I got lucky but I bid 10,500 on about 10 Trippiers on PS. They closed about 6pm UK I forgot to even look and maybe so did everyone else, i won 3 at $10,500.