Investment: Benjamin Andre

Jonathan Bamba has a good chance at making TOTW 12 after his performance this weekend. He would have a very usable SIF card, and I think people would link him with Rulebreakers Andre if they packed him in their reds. Andre has dipped substantially recently from the Freeze Marquinhos release, so he could be in for a nice rebound.

Rulebreakers Andre: XBOX 45k PS4 55k PC 60k

I would sell on Thursday, December 17th after WL rewards.



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Picked up for 56k


Hey Chief! Will Rttf Zakaria or Davies lose value over the next months before their fixtures, best time to buy?. And when is best time to buy freeze hazard?


Hi chief.
should i sell christiano Ronaldo before he gets to sheep?
i love the card but with the Comming toty i Think hed Price Will drop slot.
also thinking of invest in your discord. But is your investments also saft on Xbox? Thinking the Xbox market is low with only 2mil players on transfer list Max.
sorry for ny bad English. Hope you understand *)


what should we do with Acerbi TOTT?


Hi chief,

Picked up 10 andres for 55k each. What profit should i be aiming for?

Thnx in advance.


Dear futchief,

u saying sell at wl rewards, what time exactly then? Immediately after the rewards?