FAQ: CBP (Chief’s Buy Price) Extension

With the CBP extension, I am currently the #1 trader in FIFA 21. I was able to become the #1 trader in the world in FIFA 20, and I earned the #2 spot in FIFA 19. Here is a little bit more information as to how it works.

Q: What is the CBP?

A: A google chrome extension that highlights players who are a certain percentage under their 7 day average, like so.

For example, say you set your percentage to 10. Any player that is 10%+ less than their 7 day average will be visually highlighted green – just like Allan in the image above.

Q: Which players have a CBP?

A: Any player that has a 7 day average over 100k.

Q: So I should buy any player that is highlighted?

A: Not necessarily. It simply means that they are potentially a good buy given they are a certain percentage below their 7 day average.

Q: How often is the CBP updated?

A: Once daily.

Q: Is the extension specific to one platform?

A: No, the CBP can be used for PS4, Xbox, or PC.

Q: Is it an autobuyer?

A: No, it is not an autobuyer. It is simply a visual augmentation the Web App.

Q: Can I be banned for using the CBP?

A: Myself and my subscribers have been using the CBP for over a year with no issues. If anyone is banned, it would start with me as I have associated myself with it and have posted multiple screenshots linked directly with my FUT account.

Q: How do I get CBP?

A: You can get CBP by becoming a gold subscriber here.



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If I buy for a month, will the chrome extension stay, when the month end?

Rizuan Malik

when i subscribe do i have to join the patreon as well?


So does this mean if you haven’t got to 200k yet it’s a useless tool? Judging by it only tells you about players valued over that (From what I understand from the article)

King Coin

Congratulation Chief! You have done great 🤙


Is there a way you could made this available as a purchase outside of the subscription? I would love to use this tool I just simply can’t afford your subscription.


Hi chief
What is the price for gold subscription in uk£?

Cheers chief


Is there any posibilety to pay for whitout a credit card?