Q & A Tuesday – Week 12

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hello Chief, how are you doing? Hey bro, how much is the profit expected for each acerbi totgs, and when do you think it will get to that optimum price? Cheers.


Is it good to sell straight after rewards or wait a few hours on Thursday for renato sanches? I won’t really be able to monitor his price throughout the day so when would you recommend I hop on and sell


when to sell sanches if and for how much? (pc bought for 210k)


Hi chief, there will be a freeze team 2? Cheers man


Hi Chief,

I bought 10 Paulinho’s IF for 39K-42K. Do you think he will rise in the coming days? Cheers.


Hey chief,

I have a base Vidic that I don’t need anymore.
The price keeps dropping, should I hold a little bit longer or ship him off now?


Hi Chief, how you doing?? thinking on bamba and andre, isn’t it a good idea to buy some of the if bamba too?? Got some andre for 52,5k


yo! Do you think investing in some gold Vardy’s is a good idea? On one hand, he’s a fairly high gold that is likely about to be OOP due to TOTW, but he’s already a bit inflated due to the base icon SBC. It feels like a tough time to get in on the market for new fodder/investments.


Hi chief! Ive got a question regarding the unassigned pile “glitch”. I currently have 92 unassigned cards and yesterday I completed my latest icon token SBC (championship). I then went to look at the icon tokens card in my club, should be 8, but I had only 7. It seems that I didnt recive the token for the last icon swap sbc (championship). Is that because I have already 92 cards in the unassigned pile or is this some other bug? Will the last icon swap token for the championship sbc pop up when I sell my cards on the unassigned pile? thanks!


thanks! kinda strange stuff


when to buy 91 Maradona on xbox? rn he’s 1.8


thank you so much, I am a huge Maradona fan so knowing this helps a lot. What to trade with to get that 600k left so i can buy him?


damn then Renato Sanches may spike again, lmao I bought him at 66k. and again thank you bro have a good day


Hey chief,

Will high tier metas like mbappe and neymar most likely be at their lowest right before TOTY? Also looking to buy RTTF Zakaria – when do you think is a good time to buy him?



Hi Chief! Hope you are doing fine. Do you think Promes RTTF will rise when Antony makes it into TOTW?


This week is a good time to sell my squad before TOTY or wait?

Stan Romijn

Got a ton of 86 totw pacheco’s. Sell now cuz of the sbc’s? Or will he be more in 2 weeks? I got the time and im lazy so waiting is np for me


Hey bro, Got totw kounde, when do i sell him?


Hi Chief, is TOTW Dani Olmo a good investment? Central Mid, Spanish, and in the Bundesliga as well as 84 rated


alright chief. i have 550k. my question is simply; what should i do?


I always buy Neymar and Ronaldo for my team. As I packed CR7 looking at Neymar. Will his price drop a lot when TOTY is announced?
Also is everyone saving 25 83 plus pack from icon swaps for TOTY?

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Brilliant thx v much