Investment: 2IF Mkhitaryan

TOTW fodder have been a very safe and profitable bet recently. I expect more of the same for TOTW 12 fodder with recent Icon SBC requirements.

Mkhitaryan is the cheapest 85 rated inform. Wingers tend to perform better than other positions when going out of packs. His stats aren’t the worst in a league that has limited LW options, and he also has 4* skills and a 5* WF.

SIF Mkhitaryan: XBOX 26k PS4 26k PC 27k

Look to buy during RTTF 3 pack openings this weekend. List for lazies and look to sell after rewards next Thursday, December 24th. A profit of 3-5k would be solid.



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Hi chief! What discard inform do you like the best from this totw? Got 1.7 mill to blow. Will there be another investment article coming out with one of these guys?

Mathias Nielsen

Keane is 10.500 coins right now. Price can only go up.


Okey, thanks!


Hi Chief

Just packed freeze Casemiro, sell or wait?


Got it, thanks chief.


So just dropped onto the app to buy a few of these and one had a bid of 144,000 coins. Chiefs biggest ROI of the season lol


Haha, saw it aswell, that’s crazy.


hey chief! He is 30k now on pc.Is he still worth to invest?

Mathias Nielsen

Acerbi totgs price doesn’t seem to rise /hasn’t risen much for at long time. Should I sell and move on? Or do you still expect him to rise nicely?


Money would be best placed elsewhere mate. Be better off selling and picking some of these cards up


hi Futchief,

last week I bought 80x 85 Acerbi’s @ 13k each, There not moving in price, Am I to sell at a loss? as the dropping again


sell for 14500 , i just sold 25 o them at that price


cheers tibo


Chief what do you think rttf wijnaldum will settle at?

Luca Franco

Hey Chief got 17k im not finding anything long term that is making me coins silvers just don’t work on Xbox there are not enough players I’m really in need of help here