Investment: TOTW 13 Golds

There are a few cards that could make TOTW 13 and are among the cheapest for their respective ratings. Golds that went out of packs recently have performed very well given the amount of SBCs we’ve been getting for Freeze, and I expect more of the same for them if they make it into TOTW 13 on Wednesday.

Karim Benzema: PS4 50k XBOX 51k PC 58k

Luis Suarez: PS4 34k XBOX 35k PC 37k

Roberto Firmino: PS4 35k XBOX 35k PC 41k

Cross your fingers they make it into TOTW. Sell before they go back into packs on Wednesday, December 30th if they do. Otherwise, offload on Wednesday, December 23rd after the announcement.



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why are Benzema and Immobile?


i bought 3 benzemas. do u think they will drop if they dont make it to totw? i think benzema has a great chance tho


Any other cheaper gold investments chief, maybe like traore or ghazi??? Thanks


Why has he fallen?


So we should still wait for TOTW announcement?


But this was part of the plan, at least this is what you anticipated earlier today.
should we keep the same target of about 5-10% profit from 50k or should we sell to break even. What you think?


Well I bought Benzema’s at the price you suggested and then they dropped 5k

Andreas Mägi

So i have firmino 10 and like 8 benzemas should i just sell or hold in case if a good sbc comes because i’m thinking that if toty is close then they will go down more

Andreas Mägi

Ok, will take a small loss but thats ok. We need to lose coins to make them