Q & A Tuesday – Week 14

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Do you see 2if lewan as a good investment?
Like saint maximin his freeze was too expensive for People, but they wanted to try him so the if Rose in Price. Do you Think the same Thing Will happen to lewan?


hi chief.
i’ve tried to flip pirlo 92, bought him for 800k, now he’s constantly dropping… 670k… do you think he will rebounce within some days since it’s a prime and recent card? should I hold more and see if he reaches 750-800k again at least? what’s your suggestion?


Hi mate,
I have 2.5 million liquid right now, fodders are high and most of the cards I used to flip are getting lower and lower. What would you consider is the best trading method for this days until TOTY, with my current budget?



Hi Chief, what is your approach to icons? Do you buy low and sell high or occasionally snipe to get a decent profit? Do you stick to your favorites or change according to the market demand? Thanks a bunch in advance!

Mohamed Benabbou

hello I want to learn trading and i am now practising with it do you have any tips and do you know when the market drops and go rise?


When do you think TOTY will come, and are there any investments to do for TOTY Chief ? And what are your thoughts about the market after TOTY, will it go up or down ?


Thanks Chief !


Hello Chief!
I’m pretty good in fodders trading (especially 87-88 ovr), have 21kk TP right now, but i’m still searching for daily flips / investments for MORNING hours. 90% of my investments are bought at 07:00 PM and later. Right now I have some time to spend and ~8.5kk to invest, but no ideas. I know, that I shouldn’t have my transfer list empty, that’s why I would like to ask you: do you have any advices for me how to trade between 08:00 AM and 04:00PM?
Thank you in advance!

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Yup, UK Time works as well for me (1 hour difference). I can see, that bidding doesn’t work really good as it’s working in the evening. Anyway, just wanted to know if you can see any cards, which are on lower price level in the morning hours and can be sold during the day. Thanks mate.


Do you think they will increase IF Toni Kroos price range. They lowered it to 70k and I’ve no idea why but I think it’s a dumb pr


Any good Thursday flips? I have 500k and not a clue what to do


Do you think ASM and Dembele will ride OOP? or drop with toty coming soon


Hi Chief, Do you think Superlig, Liga Nos, CSL common golds are a good investment for Icon swaps part 2. Do you think some RTTF will drop 20-30k (Pogba,Alaba,Cancelo) during the crash and if so would it be a good investment at that price?


Hi chief! For the thursday flip method do you buy early In the week, like monday, and then sell thursday after rewards? Is that the method? Btw, got rid of my IF2 tavern investments by listing for lazies. Also helped that he finally rose some though ,) Ty!


Great, thank you!


During TOTY attackers, the price seems to be the lowest and most cards rise again after that period. I am looking to buy 87/90 Dalglish and 88 Nakata. Any advice on when to buy these? Do you think these type of cards will be influenced by the TOTY decrease and increase as well? Thank you in advance Chief and also big thank you for all the recent posts. Made around 200k in one week, which made buying Dalglish possible ^^


That is interesting. I would how the market will react to that.

Also, I saw that IF Koundé on PC already rose to 85k (I bought them for 71k on average). Is it greedy to still wait till Thursday/Friday or should I just sell?

Mathias Nielsen

Hey chief

Do you think that freeze players will drop when TOTY is announced? I’m considering selling my Gosens


Hi Chief – what price can you see rare gold cards rising to during TOTY?


Hi Chief, looks like Benzema and Suarez haven’t moved much in price the past few days. Do you think they’ll change anymore between now and them going back into packs?


How do you know what cards goes out of packs and what cards return to packs? Is there a web page where you can check this or inside-information?


Aha, gottcha! Thanks!


Hi chief, i have just packed David alaba rttf, he fits in my team perfectly, do u think i should sell him or keep him because bayern can go very far in the champions league. Also, is it worth investing in Bundesliga rares for the TOTY upgrade packs?

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Hi chief!

I have theo hernandez 86 and lozano 86, with the headliners coming on friday would be wise to sell them?



Will you post investments for Headliner release?


When I should sell in-form Mkhitaryan and Tavernier. Sell now or wait?


Hi Chief, why 83 Otavio is still at 17k even if he’s been oop for a few weeks? Others 83’s with worse nation and league like Vlasic are at 23k min


Yeah but I still don’t understand why he’s not up like the others, do you think that 83 Stindl can reach 23k or will settle at Otavio’s price?

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