Investment: TOTW 15 Golds

TOTW 15 comes out on Wednesday. The following are the gold cards I am most interested in that could go out of packs:

Romelu Lukaku:ย PS4 16k XBOX 17k PC 17k

Zielinski: PS4 1.5k XBOX 1.5k PC 1.5k

Marco Asensio: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Lucas Ocampos: PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k

Sell before they return to packs next Wednesday. January 13th if they make it in. If they don’t, just sell and move on Wednesday, January 6th.



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I am curious. Are you willing to tell why you chose Zielinski? He is only 80 rated, quite high price (never gone above 2k on PC) and not a great country. By no means am I trying to show criticism, I am just really interested and curious ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you Chief for your answer!!


Aside from this discussion, just wanted to ask about Dybala. Packed him recently, but doesn’t fit in my team. When should I sell him?


Hey Chief, do you think Lukaku is still worth buying even though he’s 2k more than you listed him?


Yeah I’ll try anyway thanks!


Hi Chief

Do you think Milik is worth a look, I picked 10 up at 800 coins, he has a perfect link to Zielinski, otherwise Zielinski is tricky to link

Also, thanks for you’re work, I’m approaching 1 Mill in transfer profit, in previous years I have disregarded trading.

Kind Regards

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