Q & A Tuesday – Week 15

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Futchief goated



When do you believe TOTY will drop? Will this unexpected delay make prices bounce up or will they continue trending down?


For the THURSDAY FLIPS, do you recommend selling Thursday or Friday? And do you know when they return to packs? Ben Yedder and Bamba?


All these investments you show us always goes for more than your target buy. I try to snipe/bid on them but it usually does not work. Should I overpay for some of the cards by 200-300 or should I skip the investment?


Thank you for the quick answer 🙂


Hi chef, is headliner Amavi worth to invest? I wondering if his price rises after out of pack. Thanks!!!


What price do you think is reasonable? I’m waiting for him to drop to 25k.


Hi, Chief!
What is your take on the RTTF players? I have Salah and Wijnaldum in my squad right now. I’m really enjoying them, and don’t think of them as investments directly, but I do want to avoid sitting on crashing cards :).

So what do you say, sell or keep? I’


Would you think Maignan would be a good investment from the current TOTW as he is one of the cheapest 84 rated IF cards and even in his position and league there is no one that contests his 20k pricetag in the same rating. Lopes is closest but goes for approx. ~30k and doesnt have french nation link like Maignan…


Cześć pierwszego dnia promocji hedliners kupowałem Bambe za 360k – dziś wszystkie poszły za 465k PC – nie doradzasz handlu na tego typu kartach bo to ryzykowne? Pozdrowienia z Polski 🙂


Packed Headliners Ben Yedder last night. Should I hold him until he’s out of packs on Friday or sell now and invest in some icons to sell on Thursday? Do all icons tend to rise before Weekend League or are certain ones a better option? Cheers.


Hey chief, I still have 10 Tavernier sif, should I sell now and make a loss in case he gets a headliners?


Hey Chief,

is there coming a Post about the TOTY SBC’s? Do you think it’s possible to make money on That like on the 84 and 85 rated cards in the past?


Hey Chief,

You think players that make TOTY (if it ever happens) will rise. IE Lewandowski?


Hey Chief,
Got a tough question – got 30 Pogba’s, 10 Kante’s and 15 Varane’s, bought them yesterday. Today came out the info that trailer with TOTY will be released today, which means: CRASH! Should I sell them as fast as I can?


Too late bro, -500k 😀 happens sometimes


Hi chief, I invested in 10 izzos at 12000 each. Good time to sell?


Hi Chief, trust you are well. So I’m view of TOTY coming should I sell my star players? I have Neymar, Mbappe, CR7 and Best. Is the drop that large?


Brilliant…. thanks Chief let the sell off begin.


Hello chief,

I am going to build my team during toty when would be the best time to buy? I also want the new headliners lozano should i buy before he is oop or wait until toty as well?
thank you