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Hi chief, why is Hradeckys 85 IF cheaper than his 86 headliners??


So in order for him to rise in value he has to get an If or win 4 matches in a row? I’m not doubting you your Lukaku prediction was on point it just seems very unlikely to me..


Hi Chief,

Wouldnt ppl turn to the other 86 gold cards like De Gea, Sommer or even Alba, Muller (which have better positions) when this card goes OOP? These cards are already cheaper or same than Hradecky.
Any thoughts on this?


Chief, i bought like 10 zielinski at 2000 and some at 1700.. yesterday.. he dropped too 1400 now..when do u think he will rebound since he is oot..


Thanks chief..and how much would i list for lazies?.. and is it the same for izzo and bernadoni totw?..like should i keep relisting them for lazies


Hey Chief, Is investing in players like Davies a good move because he’ll most likely go OTP for TOTY?


Is 3.1k a good price for Xbox?


Cheers chief!


Hey Chief, how far can we stretch buy price? Is <4K still a good deal?PS4 btw

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Hello, Chief
Can you tell us about investing in the base icon?
Is it still early to prepare with the Prime Icon SBC?


Hello Futchief, do you think 84 IF Souceck is a good investement? I thought he will be out of packs by next week and is 84 rated.. He is 22 k now.. Thank you in advance


hi, only if he gets and if or 4-win ???


an* if. i meant.


thanks. and there is a time limit to sell him? any deadline?


Is Headliner Hinteregger a good shout or Na?


got 55 of them Chief! hope they will rise a lot!

Mike Foster

Least I’m not the only one who bought a load of them lol….


when will he rise and how much do you think he will rise?

Mike Foster

Hoping these will jump up a bit, lazy listing but none sold for now

James C Noucas

Any idea how long we should wait on these? At 24.5k on ps

Mike Foster

I thought you said he would go up in price after Friday considering he is OOP..
guess most of us who followed this is gonna be taking a big L lol

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I quit from hradecky investment. I need to enter toty with cash