TOTW 16 Watch

Romain ThomasCB209.0YesWinmidweekAngerLigue 1
Borja MayoralST209.0YesWinmidweekRomaSerie A
Federico ChiesaRM209.0YesWinmidweekJuvenutsSerie A
Lionel MessiST209.3YesWinmidweekBarcelonaLa Liga
Kenny LalaRB108.4NoWinmidweek, CSStrasbourgLigue 1
Jonas HofmannCAM219.2YesWinagainst BayernM'gladbachBuLi
Youseef En-NesyriST309.7YesWinSevillaLa Liga
Amine HaritLM139.7YesWinSchalkeBuLi
Antoine GriezmannLW219.2YesWinBarcelonaLa Liga
Kevin VollandST129.0YesWinMonacoLigue 1
Miha ZajcCM108.2YesWinGenoaSerie A
Yaclav CernyRW219.3YesWinTwenteEredivisie
Matus BeroCM209.0YesWinVitesseEredivisie
Younes BelhandaCAM309.7YesWinGalatasaraySuper Lig
Luis AlbertoCM108.7YesWinLazioSerie A
TaremiST209.1YesWinPortoLiga NOS
daniloRB118.5YesWinJuventusSerie A
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Bernardoni is 13,5k on PC now. I bought for 11k.
Should i still wait until Wednesday?


Hey chief, I purchased Jordi Albas at 27k. Do you think they will rise any time soon?

Tom Payne

Should I hold on to my Alberto’s or sell them now?


I’ve packed a headliner Bamba. Not sure if I should sell it now or hold on to it.. What would you say?


Hi Chief why is is good to invest in TOTW cards & how do we know which cards to invest?


It’s ashbashENG from your streams


Thanks Chief, you are the guru of FUT 🙌

Mathias Nielsen

What about griez? 2g1a


Younes Belhanda scored a hattrick


Is it wise to invest in icons for thursday flip today? Or will the price drop by Wednesday because of TOTY?


Hi Chief,

I need your advice on this one 🙂

I bought Walker IF for 521k and he’s now around 720k. Do you expect he will drop after TOTY? Im not sure as he is one of the best CB’s in the game and he has played extremely well for me. Also I think there will only be 1 CB in TOTY for Premier League or maybe not even.. So then he will remain (one of) the best CB’s for Premier League, thus will only make his price rise instead of lowering it.

What do you feel is the right thing to do here?


Mehdi Taremi of Porto to finally get an IF? 2 goals and won a penalty as well, also got motm.


He just got another goal and assist in the cup. Clearly the best striker in Liga NOS, I hope EA give him a usable card because his pace on his base card is nowhere near the real thing.


I guess I am still trying to figure out why we should invest in the current TOTW informs(low price) and then sell them a few days later? Is it because they are no longer in packs and their price increases ? Due to these cards being less available?


NVM should of read the comments