TOTY Outlook

TOTY will be coming Friday at 6pm. Whereas in the past TOTY was released on a Monday in waves of attackers, midfielders, and defenders, this year the schedule is different. Because of this, there is uncertainty over when the best time to buy a squad is.

When TOTY was released on Mondays in the past, that coincided with WL sell-off, and the buy time for most players was during that Sunday/Monday around when TOTY was released.

With TOTY being released on Friday in FIFA 21, the situation is a bit different. The market is higher on Fridays as people build their WL squads, so people aren’t sure whether they should buy squads before the market increases for WL (on Wednesday, January 20th) or after WL concludes as people sell their squads (on Sunday, January 24th).

My take is that buying on Wednesday, January 20th is the best option for 2 main reasons:

1. The promotion most similar to TOTY this year was Black Friday. The best time to buy a squad for that was on Wednesday, November 25th, two days before Black Friday on Friday, November 27th.

2. TOTY is extremely delayed this year, and people have had plenty of time to sell their teams and get liquid. I think the rebound will happen more quickly because of this in combination with the fact that people are growing impatient and eager to buy back their squads.

But there is a catch. TOTY provides excellent investment opportunities in the form of OOP golds (from TOTW 17 and TOTY) and informs (from TOTW 17). If you look to invest your coins rather than buy your squad, you can look at a 30%+ ROI in a week (selling next Thursday, January 28th).

Yes, you would have to pay extra for your squad buying at a later date, but the returns you get on your investments will more than cover the premiums you have to pay for your squads.

This leaves you with 2 options:

1. Buy your squad on Wednesday and forgo investing during TOTY.

2. Invest during TOTY, sell your investments on Thursday, January 28th, and buy your squad after that.

I understand many of you are tired of waiting to buy your teams, so hopefully this gives you some guidance on your decisions in the coming days.



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Hi Chief, so for option 2 you mean to invest om Friday when the players are revealed and buy their regular golds? Are there already players u recommend?


Thanks Chief!

One other question: what do u think about investing in Nainggolan’s Inter card as he has transferred to Cagliari so his Inter card will not be in packs anymore?


Thanks Chief. But is he worth it to invest in now, when probably the return will take a lot longer than investing in TOTY OOP?


Thank you for the great explanation 😀

Do you think we should sell our rare gold CB right after the SBC is released or wait a couple of days?


What kind of price do you expect rare gold Prem CBS to rise to during a prem SBC?


As no SBC was released today do you expect an SBC to be released? In which case should we hold the gold rare CBS or get rid now?


Awesome thank you buddy


Was that the SBC you was expecting tonight? I was expecting an SBC needing rare premierleague CB’s, should I still wait?


Ok buddy, I may hold them for a while then


Hi chief,

Thank you very much for your input.

I have 2 M.
And I’m interested in some icons such as
mid Best and Mid Ferdinand, should I buy them tomorrow or invest all the coins and buy the team next week?
Also, what about fodder, I want to do some sbcs and need to buy high rated fodder. When is the best time to do so?


Hello Chief! Would it be safe to assume that on Friday specifically, TOTW 17 players will overall be the cheapest compared to latest weeks? I am assuming that majority of ppl will not open their WL and DR packs until the toty players become available. Hence the supply will spike + additional supply from promo packs openings and liquidations. In this assumption, would investing in totw 17 actually be better as mid/long term vs. the standard one week flip?

Sardonically yours

Hey chief! When will fodder prices drop? I needed to complete the Aspas SBC but I am not sure when it will be cheapest to do so. Could you please help?


I think we are all too late already. Sunday evening seemed to be the best time to buy though


My plan is to buy kessie renato and klostermann, all rttf for my team. Would you buy Them before or after?


I will still have 2 mil to invest if i buy Them today


Hi Chief!

I don’t see much downward movement, are we still hoping for something that resembles a crash later today?


That’s what I was thinking too. The problem with sharing accounts with my 11 year old son is that waiting is reeeeeaally hard :). Came home from work and he had bought IF Messi and prime Veron. At 850 and 590 I hope it’s not a big loss.

Saving the rest of the bank roll for TOTY trading, and hoping for the best….


tell your son to ask your opinion before buying expensive cards


It’s a bit my own fault, really. We were talking about hose two cards as hopefully good investments, and I told him there might be a crash today. He put two and two together like kids do.They were planned as “keepers” in the squad for fun. No big deal, that’s how it is to have kids :). The fun of having something in common with your kids outweighs any occasional hickups in the trading business. We still have coins to invest with during TOTY.



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Max Steffensen

Hey Chief,

I’ve got baby eusebio and wondering if I should sell now to invest in fodder during Toty or to keep and stay inactive as I plan to use eusebio moving forward.

Basically, what do you think will happen to price of eusebio and is it relatively simple to make up the 250k transfer loss due to fifa fee for being able to invest 3.2m.

All the best,


When to sell neymar and mbappe? I want to invest with you during the tota


Should we buy around 6pm UK?


Hi Chief,
Do you think stocking up on regular lewandowski is a good investment strategy? He’ll surely get TOTY


Because he’s not meta?


Hey Chief, seems like meta golds like mbappe already increased in price today… will they dip down again anytime soon? I was gonna buy my team today but everyone’s price rose


What do you think about after Friday? Like Sunday or next week?


Hi Chief, Is Alphonso Daivies a good investment since he will be OTP for toty nominee(if toty nominee cards are coming out)? And if so what would be a good price of getting him on Xbox?


What price to buy him on ps4 for investing?


When is the best time to buy the TOTW players for toty?


When will you be posting about which ones to buy?


Okay. Will it be subscriber only post?


Hi Chief, you think Gold Walker will rice more ?got a bunch at 35K. Last year the price went up, two weeks after TOTY release

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Oké thanks man!


Will en-nesyri keep going up or do I sell now for 14k?


Should we keep holding Hradecky’s or just take the loss and move on, i have 1 mill to invest for tommorow so i should be fine to hold