TOTY Investments

The following are the looks I am interested as we approach TOTY. I’ll also be posting TOTW 17 investments in the coming days after prices settle.

Virgil van Dijk: PS4 190k XBOX 180k PC 215k

Potentially OOP for TOTY, popular player and linkable to a TOTY Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Paul Pogba: PS4 81k XBOX 72k PC 98k

Out of packs for TOTW 17, popular player, and linkable to other French options in TOTW 17 (Ndombele, Yedder).

Alphonso Davies: PS4 4k XBOX 4k PC 6k

Potentially OOP for TOTY.

Headliners Goretzka: PS4 560k XBOX 470k PC 675k

Links to potential Bayern TOTY players, upgradable (2 favorable upcoming fixtures), and links to TOTW 17 Muller.

Rulebreakers Costa: PS4 350k XBOX 325k PC 420k

Links to potential Bayern TOTY players and links to TOTW 17 Muller.

RTTF Alaba: PS4 520k XBOX 440k PC 580k

Links to potential Bayern TOTY players and links to TOTW 17 Muller.

Sead Kolašinac (Arsenal): PS4 1.5k XBOX 1.5k PC 1.5k

Permanently OOP from transfer, could go up with PL upgrade SBCs.

Rajda Nainggolan (Inter): PS4 5.5k XBOX 5.5k PC 6k

Permanently OOP from transfer, good league/club/rating/nation.



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Hi chief,

Thanks a lot for these tips.

Any idea when the mentioned investments will reach the suggested price?

Also, should I sell IF Ennsyry now or wait longer?


would it be possible to get Pogba at 72? or did you mean 82?


Is Nainggolan more of a long term investment? And what kind of return can one expect from him?


Thanks. I listed at 8/8.5k, too low? All bought at 5.4 or 5.5


Hey chief, do you think it’s still good to invest in totw’s such as ogbonna or criscito during rewards or should we only be focused on players mentioned above?, Thanks


98k for Pogba seems a bit much seeing that he was sold for around 95k earlier today. Any comment on why you chose this price.
I am asking out of curiosity, because I am trying to get better at trading and I am learning a lot from your advice up till now ^^


WoW, that was a quick answer. Thank you! It is quite funny to see what panic sell can do (because there is a better version of him now)

I got lucky and got two for 93k 😀

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Ciaran McGowan

Expect mbappe gold card to dip after toty?


Chief i got Varane tradable in a pack today, his price really decreased recently. Any suggestions when to sell him? Maybe tomorrow cause he is a good link to TOTY Ramos ?


Hi Chief, do you think Ozil is a good investment? I was comparing with Danilo pereyra , they have same stats and similar league, danilo P porto card with 82 rating sits at 16k currently which is crazy, im thinking of Ozil’s card could do similarly once the fenerbace card is released


Hey chief,

Any tips for how to snipe using your filters?

I’ve been using ‘shortfuts’ the google extension but its got a built in feature to stop you at every 20 searches to make you buy the premium. Is there a better shortcut plugin or different method you would recommend?

Also how worried do I have to be about EA telling me off from searching too fast? I know that they can time you out for a short while, but I don’t know if this escalates with each timeout session.

bit of a newbie to sniping, been avoiding it where I could.

Many Thanks,



Dijk RIP?

Ciaran McGowan

Naingoggolan 4K now 🤯


2k 😡


This one will take time guys, but for sure it will give u profit.

Ciaran McGowan

Yeah could be right


Virgil’s price went down a bit right after the toty came out. Is it still effective to buy at 21.5 (pc)?


Alphonso Davies down at 2.9k, do you think we should double down? Guessing an 81 rated has spiked in supply with the pack openings.


Hey Chief! When do you Think Alphonso Davies Will raise?


hi chief,

would you sell HL goretzka now or hold and sell before their next match, or after match?