Investment: Headliners Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes and Manchester United are on a 1 game win streak in the PL. They play bottom of the table Sheffield on Wednesday, Arsenal on Saturday, and Southampton next Tuesday. If they can win their next couple fixtures, I think Fernandes will increase substantially leading into their potential 4th win next week.

Headliners Fernandes:ย PS4 1.950m XBOX 1.750m PC 2.350m

Cross your fingers for 2 results on Wednesday and Saturday, and look to sell before their Southampton match next Tuesday.



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hey chief, can we sell IF John Stones anytime after Friday?


Wasn’t it too risky? The pc is 2.35m, but to get a gain, it should be 2.5m.


Hey Chief, I have about 60 gold Davies rn(Bought each for 4k), Should I hold for later or sell? And if I do sell, when and what price should I look for? Cheers.


Hey chief. I can’t afford him so should I invest in headliner benzema instead? He has relatively easy fixtures and is on 1 game winstreak, if they win the next games would he rise?


I’ve done that already. Get more?

RV Young

Hey Chief, I went for 84 Informs and picked 88 of them for under 13.5k. When should i expect to sell (value) & What should i do until then.


when should i sell gold cr7 and buy back for profit?


Who would have thought Bruno couldn’t beat bottom of the league…


Shows why it is the best league in the world :0