Q & A Tuesday – Week 18

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Is there any good investments other than totw 17 informs?


Just picked up many ogbonnas and tielemans for under 16k. Thanks chief, great as always.


How would you set sniping prices on this filter? Do you find the cheapest PL TOTW and then deduct tax and desired profit?
Maybe it’s a stupid question, I’m just new to the whole sniping business.


Do you think CR7 will drop in price before friday?


So if I need him to my team this weekend I should buy him now?



Joe Hutchings

Hi chief have you got any other tips for Thursday flips, I have currently invested in zaha headliners at 300k and upamecano at 200k



I’m looking to buy IF Saint-Maximin to keep in the squad for a while. Would you say he is a rather safe investment? Not looking for him to rise, I just want to avoid losing 100k in a week :).




How much should we sell SIF Pogba and Ben Yedder on Thursday/Friday?


Thanks. For other TOTW investments from previous weeks that were not sold, you think we should take a hit and sell or wait for future stars events or others incoming which might see them rise for new SBCs?


I currently have IF Messi and prime Veron. They were bought at 850 and 590, and are now going for 970 and 730 . I know it’s hard to predict, but would this be considered a «high» for these two?
Would it make sense to sell this week, or are they expected to stay this high?


I have 4 TOTW john stones bout for 19k what price should i put them on sale for and wen


Hi Chief.

Just wondered where you stand on SBCs. Obviously there’s some good players to be had but also packs. While a lot of the packs are largely unprofitable, of course a lot of people are just grinding them like mad for a chance at a TOTY. What are your thoughts? Are you grinding them all even at a slight loss or are you only chasing direct profits?


Will have to give CBP some thought, certainly looks decent


Hi Chief, what’s your thoughts on Neuer? he’s out of packs and green link to Boateng sbc, is he a safe investment?


Rashford price around 80k will come back?


Hey Chief,

whats the best time to sell my Toty investments?


I bought 4 Van Dijk and 50+ Davies


Hey chief! When to sell gold cards of VVD and KDB,which are in TOTW(I saw VVD’s gold cards in your translist at twitch tv)?And when to sell Wijnaldum’s UCL Live,which links to VVD’s TOTY perfectly?I can’t understand why DUM’s price is not moving on case linking to VVD.


Hello, Chief.
Do you know when do all the TOTY players will be in packs?
How long will they be in packs?
And when do you suggest to buy TOTY Sergio Ramos?


Hi bro … Is it time to sell if? 3 k plus is good?


Hi chief, I am interested in the 88 Alejandro Gomez for my team but he is going up because of moments dybala. Will it come back down or should I go for it before it goes up more


Hello chief,

Any tisk of over investment of the TOTW17?

A lot of packs were opened this week, so the market is flooded with totw 17 players.
Are you still confidebt that they will rise when OOP?


When is the best time to buy toty Davies? Thanks


Are there more of you who have problems with their weekend league player picks today?

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Hi chief, do you think rttf bruno peres will go up any higher or should i sell him now?


Hey chief, Im holding a bunch of gold rares from top league still. Am I better off just selling them today before the league upgrades expires or hold hoping for a league-specific sbc (ie 81+ double upgrade)?