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Toko-Ekambi is currently on a 2 match winning streak with Lyon. They have a favorable fixture on Wednesday against Dijon (18th in table) and then play again on Saturday against Strasbourg (15th in table). If he is upgraded, he would be one of the cheapest 86 rated players, too.

Headliners Toko-Ekambi:ย PS4 21k XBOX 20k PC 22k

Sell in the hype before their match next Saturday, February 6th. A profit of 3-5k would be solid.



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Hey chief,
I have an important question.
I just pulled toty vvd and I’m stunned. Should I sell now or would you suggest holding for when hes out of packs?


Hey Chief,

do you think itโ€™s Good to invest in 84,85 and 86 rated players for upcoming sbcs?


any suggestions on who to invest in ?


On the plus side I managed to snipe 4 of these for 16.5k just after Lyon scored their last minute winner. On the negative side I thought PSG were playing in the evening and I don’t even want to look at the price of my Rafinas. I’m lying I did look jesus Christ. lesson learnt.


hehe, i sold before the match thank god, had 30 rafinha’s, last time this happened to me with Hinteragger

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Hey chief , when to sell toko ekambi ? And you think its good gamble to risk the 3rd win and not sell in the hype?


do u think he is still with buying as of feb 1st he went up 10k since yesterday