Investment: Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku had a brace this weekend in Inter’s 4-0 win against Benevento. He has a good chance at making TOTW 19, and when he has went OOP in the past he has risen considerably.ย ย 

Romelu Lukaku:ย PS4 15k XBOX 15k PC 16k

Sell before he returns to packs on Wednesday, February 10th if he makes TOTW 19. If he doesn’t, just sell and move on.



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Hi Chief, whats your thoughts on Mane TOTY moments? do you think he will rise if Salah gets a TOTW?


Hi! Is it time to cash in on Totw17? They have not gone up as much as I expected yet, on the other hand, mid icon sbc might do the trick the next week or so.


shouldve sold friday/saturday.


I’ve now invested in him for around 400k, what price do you think I should unload him on? Profit of 2k?

M dogg

why isn’t this post protected D: LOL already made 1.5k over his price


I invested around 20 of him at 14/13.5k, do i sell on day of totw or wait?


Hi! Do you think that I should keep the Lukakus that I just bought at this price, hoping that he will get a rating upgrade in the next few weeks?


Chief Pope IF is 54k PS I got 10 for 41k, ill sell Friday but that’s so much profit:)


Chief the GOAT


Hi chief, I’m new to OOP investing. I bought Lukaku twice for 17k each , was wondering when is it best to sell him if he makes it in TOTW

M dogg

he was at 18k like an hr ago, now hes at 15k wtf. hopefully hell go back up as the week goes on


Yo chief, he did not make it to totw, should I hold on to them or take the loss?


Why Eriksen card going back to 15-16k right now?


Do you know when (what time?) he will returns to packs?


Lukaku is already rising again, he did not drop below your 15k recommended price. So sell in weekend as we anticipate some good SBC’s? Or sell before SBCs drop in hype?