Investment: TOTW 19 Informs

The following are the TOTW 19 looks I’m most interested in. I’ll add some higher budget players to the list later in the week:

Mathieu Debuchy: PS4 11.5k XBOX 11.5k PC 11.5k

Use the RB TOTW Sniping Filter.

Patrick Bamford: PS4 12.5k XBOX 12.5k PC 12.5k

Use the PL TOTW Sniping Filter.

Giorgio Chiellini: PS4 65k XBOX 65k PC 72k

Joào Cancelo: PS4 190k XBOX 155k PC 225k

Look to buy during FFS pack openings this weekend. Sell on Thursday/Friday next week.



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Hey chief, should I sell my IF Nick Pope that I invested in right now, or wait until tomorrow?

Ty )

when would be a good time to sell back future stars investments ?

Ty )

gravenberch, saka and reyna

Ty )

I got the sliver gravenberch and it peaked at 4k but dropped back down to 3k so should I sell now

Ciaran McGowan

Do you think Nainggolans inter card will reach 8k anytime soon?


MIght need to add a Ligue 1 to the Debuchy filter, some Romanian keeps popping up.


I’ve been getting TOTW Ben Andre in the 15k-16k range. What do you think?

Jj molenaar

Who do i need to buy right now


What price should I give bamford when listing for lazies?


What are examples of good investments for the future stars promo tomorrow?

Thanks in advance!


what kind of players are “top buys” ? i am new to this trading stuff 🙂


Do you think Callum Wilson’s TOTW would be a good card to invest in tomorrow during FFS pack openings and sell next Thurs/Fri?

M dogg

Just got a bunch of Bamford for 12k and below. Any idea to hm they will rise when PL POTM comes out?

M dogg

perfect. Thank you chief!


He is 15k already (ps4)


Bought headliners Diego Carlos a few weeks ago for 418k as an investment (he was on a 2 game streak). He’s up to 500k now and they’ve got their 4th game (expected win) on Saturday. Should I sell Friday or Saturday before the game? Also any ideas why he didn’t rise more? Does most of the headliners hype start before the 2nd win?


hey chief, how much should them for? The sniping filter is password protected which is something that i dont have.


He says here 12.5k


he changed it after my comment thanks anyways 🙂

Ruben Dias😍

What price will these two players rise to do you reckon? Are they definitely going to go up?


Why do you think they are going to be more than now chief??


Hi Chief, worth stocking up on Varane’s?


can i know how much to list cancelo & chiellini


Hi chief, I invested allll my money 3m on varane @ 140k do u think I can make bank once he’s oop considering he’s in this totw? Salah did pretty well oop, & how much u think varane would go up to

Harrison Miles

would you say 81 wolf rwb would be a good investment at 10,500?

Harrison Miles

okay, i bought loads at 9.9 and will only lose 18 coins per card if he doesn’t rise


Hey chief bamford is up to 15k already (PS4). Should we sell now or hold until PL POTM comes out?




hi chief, I bought 6 Debuchys nut when should I sell them? Thursday evening??