Investment: Serie A Informs

TOTW 20 came out today. There are no discard Serie A informs in it. In past situations where there were no discard TOTW players from a top league, the informs for that league rose considerably in price.

As informs discard for ~ 10k, there is no risk in investing here.

Serie A Informs:ย PS4 10k XBOX 10k PC 10k

Snipe with a Serie A – TOTW filter and sell before more Serie A informs go into packs next Wednesday, February 17th for TOTW 21.



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Yous G

Zaccagni IF worth getting? Or should I stick with Pereyra?

Jamie Ward

Wen sell?


read the post there are a few clues in there

Joe Hutchings

When are the Thursday flips coming out?


Already comes out

Shadow Legend

Hey chief is 10750 a good price for these?

Yous G

Can snipe some for 10,250 too mate

Ed Lim

Hi Chief, how much profit are we looking on selling these serie A IF and when should we sell?


Hey Chief, these informs are now so much more at 17k with the party bag sbc coming out today and I’m gonna sell all of them, thanks for the help!