Investment: Sevilla/Dortmund UCLs

Champions League is back in action next week. EA releases UEFA MM for this, always featuring one match from Tuesday and one match from Wednesday.

Marquee Matchups came out today, featuring Porto v. Boavista. In all likelihood, this rules out Porto v. Juventus for the Wednesday matchup, leaving us with Dortmund v. Sevilla most likely to be chosen.

I would focus on Dortmund/Sevilla UCL cards as EA often has UCL requirements for UEFA MM.

Sevilla/Dortmund UCLs:Β PS4 1k XBOX 1k PC 1k*

*Filter Dortmund/Sevilla + Specials*

Look to buy during FFS lightning rounds this weekend. Sell next week after UEFA MM are released.



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Hey, Chief! Is it ok to buy them at 1300-1400? It’s hard to snipe at 1000. And how much profit do you expect from these card?

Balsam 20

thats why he says during lightning rounds at 6pm


Is it still a good timing to buy now? Cheapest Sevilla card is 1.7k. How much profit do you expect?


Hey Chief, I’m new here, thanks for all the input. Probably subscribing in the future.

The SBC released 30 minutes ago should have been the one you were targeting with your post here or will there be another one tomorrow, probably? Wondering if I should sell my UCL players soon.


Thank you very much for the response.