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Reasons I like Theo Hernandez Specials as an Investment

  • LB>LW link to new El Shaarawy SBC
  • French links to new French CBs (Varane, Todibo, maybe Mendy)
  • Has went went up consistently the past few weeks leading into WL
  • Milan links to Kessie/Tonali (Tonali has green link to El Shaarawy, too)
  • Good option at LWB in the newly popular 532 formation
  • Has been appearing more and more recently in D1/WL
  • Chance at Winter Upgrade on Friday

1IF Theo:ย PS4 180k XBOX 130k PC 185k*

eTOTGS Theo:ย PS4 325k XBOX 240k PC 320k*

2IF Theo:ย PS4 465k XBOX 370k PC 520k*

HL Theo:ย PS4 825k XBOX 675k PC 925k*

*Keep in mind cheaper players generally offer a better ROI*

Sell on Thursday/Friday. If you want to risk it, wait for the upgrades on Friday at 6pm (not confirmed) in hopes he makes it in.



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190k. what do i do?


1st if ps4


Okay, thanks for the reply


Chief i have tradable neymar and mbappe on my team, rest of the team needs work, im broke, cant open packs cant realy do sbcs, only got about 100k, i need help


Do i sell those guys and trade with it im new here and nee to trading


Thanks a lot Chief


Yo chief, I invested in loads of ucl cards at 1,000-1,500 each. Should I sell now and take that profit or hold for a bit longer?


Great call btw Chief, first IF has already risen 20k. Sell at rewards or sell now?