Investment: 2IF Martinez

Martinez is one of the cheapest 84 rated informs. In addition, we might be getting upgrades this Friday. If we do, I believe it will cause hype for Martinez to get an upgrade from an 84 to 86.

2IF Martinez: PS4 19k XBOX 19k PC 19k*

*Buy during rewards on Thursday*

If we get Winter Refresh loading screens tomorrow, sell in the hype Friday before 6pm. If we don’t, sell sometime next week Thursday/Friday.



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should we be looking for a bigger profit than the usual 2-3k as 86 IFs go for a minimum 40k? I was going to list aiming for a 5k profit but don’t want to list too low. I mean I have no idea how much the hype will affect the price. Cheers in advance


Why would he go up to an 86 if he’s inform has just come out at 84 this week ? Ain’t winter refresh cards for gold cards not totw cards ?


When we looking to sell them ? As there 28.500k now. At what price would they go for ? I’m kinda new to investing so don’t know what previous 84s went when a party bag dropped


thank you! i made around 100k profit!! i will be subscribing tonight. can you tell me how much you make with the subscription tips ? as in average a day etc


Thanks for the investment advice. I’m working with the sniping filter but can’t get any under 20,5 k on PC for 40 minutes now.. maybe he already rised a little bit?


(I also try to bid for sure, they end at 21k most of the time)