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List for lazies means ~1k profit?

Teymour Bahar

Should we sell Tadic now ? He didnt go up…


No, there will likely be a coin sink sbc tonight since there is a new promo coming tomorrow. This will likely see Tadic rise a bit, so hold on ๐Ÿ™‚


Ah ok thanks


Will Kangin Lee go up in price or is it just to list for lazy buyers at around 12.5k?


Why didn’t chelsea players go up


Hi chief, I have a mkhitaryan which I bought at 60k should I sell today (114k) or wait till tomorrow for a bigger rise due to the winter upgrade?


Yo chief I invested in rebic at 150k and he won his game but he is dropping in price. When is the best time to sell?

Eashen Dubb

Hi chief by sell Friday do you mean today or next week


Is rttf oblak a good investment to sell right before the game?


But I already bought and will lose a considerable amount if I sell-what do I Do?


Hi Chief,

Should I hold into 2IF Martinez or sell for a loss ?


you sure about this chief? recently, your calls are not going so well…


Suggest you learn about investing so you can make the informed decision as to which investment you get in on rather than just do what chief says and blame him if it doesn’t work out. Seems pretty pointless to question him on literally the safest investment type in the game, which even if just listed for lazies should easily make a thousand at least per card in short order. Saltiness isn’t such a good look here


futchief, any idea when tadic will rise at the moments he is very cheap


Hey chief i sniped 6 “What if” Mbabus for 500k
When do you think he will get the Upgrade?
And do you Think i could make some Coins when EA update zur Price Range?


Hey chief, which option would be better: selling 90 Mbappe now and invest on Goretzka/ TOTW 22; or sell Mbappe on Friday to get more money back from the sale?


I think you misunderstood my question. The question is more about the time of selling Mbappe, now or wait till Friday when Mbappe is more popular and more expensive bcuz of Champs


Will kangine rise ?


Hey Chief,
I got a Vazquez for 44k (on PC) he is up to 58k now, should I sell?
Cheers, Kcvto