Investment: Dortmund Golds

Dortmund plays Bayern this weekend. They also have a match against Sevilla next week in Champions League. They could be featured in either MM or UEFA MM for these and rise as a result.

Dortmund Golds: PS4 900 XBOX 1000 PC 1000

Sell after MM on Thursday if they are featured and you are happy with the profit. If not, wait until next week and sell after UEFA MM (Tuesday or Wednesday).



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Should we invest in their base cards or their champions league cards?

Eashen Dubb

More insight to this please Like are you sure there going to go up and roughly how much

Eashen Dubb

Ok thanks one more question goretzka has gone up already 4K, shall we wait till after totw or is it too risky


Is not related to the subject but what do you think about mbabu “what if”? after upg from 500k is down to 370k.

Mathias Jørgensen

they are already up 1800, should i sell now? or wait to mm?


which dortmund cards do you think will rise most, would bronzes be a good idea


still good investment?


Chief, I got 40 for under 900 last week and sold right before content for 1.8. Now I am mass bidding on them all again for 800


Got 50. Will sell tuesday/wednesday