Investment: Keylor Navas

Keylor Navas had 9 saves against Barcelona to help PSG advance to the CL quarterfinals. I think he could get a MOTM card for this (EA released MOTM cards on Saturday, February 27th after Leg 1, so I expect more in the coming days for Leg 2). He is one of the cheapest 87 rated players, too.

Keylor Navas:ย PS4 41k XBOX 39k PC 47k

Cross your fingers he goes OOP for MOTM and that we get some sort of SBC that causes high rated cards like him to rise. If he does go out of packs, sell before he returns to packs. A profit of ~ 5k would be good for him.



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how long will he be OOP (if he will get MOTM)?


Hey, Chief!
Is 5k profit including EA tax?


What other card that you would suggest to invest in other than navas

Marco Bergani

Hi Chief! I bought x15 TOTW David Soria and TOTW Fonte 36k. and they’re now 49k. Will they get higher? When should I sell?

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Teymour Bahar

if today comes nothing panic sell ?


56.000 already on PC, thx chief


Hi Chief, First of all I wanted to thank you about all the work you. Second thing, I have bought a few Navas and Orsic(for the moment heโ€™s rising and I bought him at 28k should I sell at 30k to recover what I invested or do you think he would rise more?) thanks


Hallo fut chief i have 700k in my account and am concidering joining for $25 per month …am i guaranteed atleast 2mil by the end of my subscription using my 700k investment?


Hi, I bought gold Navas for 41k, should I sell him now or wait until an expected icon SBC comes up? Thank you!


Why did he suddenly drop 3k? Hes still oop or should i just sell him now?

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