Investment: MOTM Cards

New MOTM cards went into packs on Saturday. They go out of packs on Wednesday. I’m interested in Tadic, Moreno, and Navas as they are among the cheapest for their respective ratings. An Icon Player Pick could be on the horizon, too, and that would drive up the price of high rated cards like them.

MOTM Tadic: PS4 22k XBOX 20k PC 22k

MOTM Moreno: PS4 49k XBOX 47k PC 55k

MOTM Navas: PS4 90k XBOX 85k PC 95k

Sell by Friday before 6pm when the next promo begins (likely FUT Birthday).



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Marco Bergani

Hi Chief! Any totw or gold investment advice?


What’s your recommendation for making coins this week? Your totw investments have doubled my coins every week for two weeks so if there’s no totw buys, will the motm cards make a good return within a week?


Any suggestions for players potentially getting totw’s and going out of packs? E.g Bounou?


Hey cheif, would inform Waman rise out of packs or stay around the same price i’ve packed him and I don’t know if I should sell or not.


What happens if we get loading screens/ promo packs for fut birthday, wouldnt that harm their prices indirectly by causing the price of fodder to dip?


Nvm I just read the bottom of the post


How much to sell for? 5k+?


Its inasane Chief!
Fliped around 30 Tadic
s card today, bought them around 22.5k each and ‘lazy-listed’ it.
Everything were sold! Less then 5 hours!
Can`t understand why people keep buing it using ‘buy now’ if they could get him for 5k less just making a bid.
Thank you!


What did you set particular before send the card to market (prices, time)? I couldn’t clear understand lazy list. Thanks.


add +15% and list it for an hour, then relist till they gone. 6 hours overnight.


Thank you for your answer.
so for card, which was bought for 22.5 it was
start price 25740
buy now price 26000
am I right?


Right, the point is to make at least 2k on one card flip.


got it! thank you for clarifications!


Hi Lutarez,
What is the difference between lazy-listed and what futchief suggested?

I thought I should buy it on ~22K and list on 27K start and around 29K buy now.
Why did you list for less?



Hey Chief! When you mentioned friday 6pm you mean GMT?

Nils de Jongh

Prices have hardly risen since the price I purchased for on Sunday – how much do you expect them to rise?


Hi Cheif,
sorry for all the noob questions. can you please explain the logic behind that?
what will happen on Friday?
Tadic will stop being in packs and then the demand is going to increase?

I’ve bought 8 Tadic cards, Are the possibilities are high for me to sell all of them on Friday?

Thanks again. much appreciated.