Q & A Tuesday – Week 27

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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When should I buy 87 makelele? He is currently 355K on PS4


Chief, I got 400K what should I trade/invest into?


Hey. I want to buy Birthday Sane. Do you think he will rise much, when Reus SBC drops tonight? Saw that Perisic rose when Vidal came out.
Or is it better to buy tomorrow after rewards?


Hi Chief, thanks for all the fantastic tips you provide! With Vardy, Sane and Thiago coming back into packs today, should I sell for a slight loss (the 81+ player pick sbc really messed things up) or should I keep them in hope that, when the 81+ player pick sbc expires, fodder prices in general will rise?


I bought Sane and Thiago on the recommended prices and currently it’s lower.

Do you think it will raise till Friday?
Should we sell with break even before Friday if it doesn’t raises?


Thanks Chief


I’m looking to buy some fodder between 84 and 87. Is it best to buy Thursday rewards or Friday when team 2 is out?