Investment: Inform Kjaer

Simon Kjaer is the cheapest 83 rated inform by a good margin. I anticipate him to rise after going out of packs considering his good league, position, and club. The 83 rated informs tend to rise more than any other ratings, too, considering how much more rare they are.

Inform Kjaer: PS4 15k XBOX 15k PC 16k

List for lazies and look to next Thursday/Friday before PL TOTS pack openings. A profit of 3-5k would be solid.



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Tadhg O'Neill

Chief do you have any TOTS investments to consider?

Haseeb Asad

Hey chief, do you think player picks will be back today?


Hey chief, I invested like 1.6 mill in this but it went down. I bought them for 15k. Right now is 11k. Do you think that I should sell them now and re invest?