Investment: PL TOTS Golds

The PL TOTS will come out on Friday. The following are the golds that I’m most interested in which could be going out of packs:

Luke Shaw: PS4 2k XBOX 2k PC 2k

Ruben Dias: PS4 2k XBOX 2k PC 2k

Gundogan: PS4 5k XBOX 4.5k PC 5k

Cancelo: PS4 6k XBOX 5.5k PC 6.5k

Cross your fingers they make it into PL TOTS on Friday, and sell before they return to packs next Friday, May 7th.



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Hey chief, I’ve got about 500k to invest, is it worth putting it all into Cancelo’s or waiting for something else


Hey Chief, how high do you think they’re gonna go, for instance the Man City Cbs…. How much are you expecting to sell them at on Friday/Saturday?


Hey Chief! With the new TOTS incoming when do you reckon is the best time to buy a player like TOTS Edouard?

aiko de smet

how much do you think they will rise


Hey chief, all the cards shot up thanks to UEFA marquee matchups, do you think they’ll continue to rise when tots comes out?


When do i need to sell


hello chief ..
Cancelo , Ruben and shaw will rise the price? i still left 51 car.I selling Cancelo with Buy Now 9000 , Ruben with Buy now 4000 and Shaw with Buy now 5000.I should holding this price or reduce ?