Investment: Batch 1 Golds

FUTTIES began on Friday. Part of the promo includes ‘Best Of’ cards returning to packs. Batch 1 will be in packs for the next two weeks until July 30th.

The following are my favorite golds to invest in from Batch 1:

Alphonso Davies:Β PS4 4k XBOX 4.5k PC 4.5k

Theo Hernandez:Β PS4 5k XBOX 5k PC 5.5k

Juan Cuadrado:Β PS4 7k XBOX 7k PC 8k

Ferland Mendy:Β PS4 10k XBOX 10k PC 10k

Sell before they return to packs on Friday, July 30th.



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i invested in llories, son, bernando sliva and fabinho and bought them for about 20k (brought a about 4/5 of them) they rised about 5k should i sell or wait for the mendy sbc?


yes but now they decreased do u think they will rebound or should i sell them now?


Hey chief, where have you seen that the best of packs 1 ends on July 30th? Thanks

Jai D Gardiner

How high do you think Davies will go? What day and time is the best to sell him