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Hakimi had a brace in PSG’s 2-1 win over Metz last Wednesday. There is a good chance he makes it in TOTW 2 this week and goes OOP. Early in FIFA 21, Kyle Walker made it in TOTW 3 and rose substantially. I think we could see something similar with Hakimi.

Hakimi has been extinct on PS/PC for a few days now, and has been slowly rising on Xbox. I think he will stay that way and rise more with a PR update as people incorporate metas like him in their squads.

Achraf Hakimi:ย PS4 120k XBOX 120k PC 100k

Cross your fingers he makes TOTW 2 on Wednesday, and sell before he returns to packs next Wednesday, October 6th.



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I get that he will have no supply, but there are only a certain percentage of players willing to spend 120k on a right back, an even lesser percentage of people are willing to spend 140-150k+ on a right back. I’m not convinced there is a large enough market to push his price up that much, and on the other hand there will be impatient investors undercutting and further preventing him from rising. The economic demand curve states that as price rises, quantity demanded falls. This isn’t a criticism, just some food for thought. I’d be interested to hear what you think.