Investment: OTW Hakimi

Hakimi had a goal in Morocco’s 5-0 win over Guinea-Bissau last Wednesday and held another clean sheet in their 3-0 win over Guinea-Bissau on Saturday. After being snubbed from TOTW 2 a couple weeks ago, I think he will make it into TOTW 4 on Wednesday, and at the very least make it into many predictions. Typically OTW cards rise considerably in the hype leading into the Wednesday TOTW announcement.

OTW Hakimi: PS4 375k XBOX 300k PC 400k (25-50k profit target)

Look to sell in the hype on Wednesday, October 13th before the TOTW announcement.



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Andreas Mägi

300k jeez


Bought him one week ago for 315k. I‘ve learned from you Chief 💪🏼😬


He’s 385-390 k already.

Still worth a shot at this price?


Well that’s the most expensive card I’ve ever bought lol.


Got him at 325k! Was considering him yesterday than packed Neymar from elite 2 squad battles. Playing him out of position though.

Jack Summers

Not really about this but should i get IF vini jr Now or will he drop?


I have IF Vini, bought for 247k. When should I sell him? He’s going for 300-310k atm


Is it worth paying 400k for OTW Hakimi? Can I even make profit paying that much?


Why should we sell him before W4 is released? Won’t his price rise if he actually get an If card?


Which price do you think he’ll reach, Chief?
425 k or more like 450 k?


Sell Hakimi since he isn’t in a lot of predictions and has dropped from 415K to 395-400 k? Or is this a temporary market dip due to the released 15k packs?