Investment: Inform Foden

Foden goes out of packs from TOTW 3 on Wednesday. He is one of the more popular FIFA players at the moment. I expect him to rise when he goes OOP, especially considering we could get some TOTW 4 links to him next week (Torres, Mahrez).

Inform Foden: PS4 95k XBOX 105k PC 100k (10-20k profit target)

List for lazies for my target profit. Don’t hold for more than a week.



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Would grealish otw be a shout or is he not likely for totw, or sancho?


Also does list for lazies mean leave it as a relatively high bin.

Andreas Mägi

Not too high, just 5-10k profit high

Andreas Mägi

Just got him on my phone For 103k. I’m the GOAT


Thoughts on IF Suarez for 34k?


Thanks Chief, are you a fan of Tchouameni? 12k, looks to be one of the best midfielders in Ligue 1, perfect link to Ben Yedder. Also like Jonathan David (23k)? 5* WF, strong, fast, strong link to Renato Sanches.


Chief, what do you think about meta golds, u Think they will keep rising, or is it about selling time for’em now? Meta golds like Kimpempe, Marquinhos Werner ect.

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Will drop slowly with increasing supply and people tend to go for “coloured” teams, casuals dont play 11 golds until TOTS..
I sold all my metas and went for Foden @ 91k, sold IF Barella at 115k, flipped IF Benz etc.


Is foden still good to invest for 104k ?


Is OTW Depay a good investment? Already OP on FUT with his base card and probably got a good chance of getting an in-form TOTW at Barca (which will make his card ridiculous)… He is currently priced at 148k though..? Reckon he will dip or go up?


Trending down, sell at break even or hold?