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What’s a good amount of profit


My bad


is tchouameni worth a punt as he’s a player with solid stats (like tonali) plus there’s abit of hype around him and he’s cheap


Chief, I’ll be on vacation so looking at some investments that may not pay off right away. totw Iniesta seems like a safe bet to make some coins on. Good nation and rating for sbc’s and he’s literally discard price. Thoughts?


Have about 10 of him, but I can pick up some more. Thanks as always


Hey chief wanted to use Tim cahill in my team but he’s 140k on xbox , do you see him ever dropping under 110k ?


Tbh Barella is way way above tonali, good cm or cdm only get that expensive when they have good Agility and balance like renato and barella. Still a good buy i guess but the comparison of them two is a bit meh


hey chief.
do you think danny ings otw at discard price would be a good investment as he scores very often?


I think you are playing with us. You invested a few days earlier and then you push your investments like this. I bought him when he was 13k. Why are you coming that late with Tonali? You simply are abusing your power to reach people. When then the others start investing, you already have made your fat profit.


Im new to this investing thing and completely stuck it seems like the market is all over at the moment any tips on where go i have 200k


Thanks for replying. I appreciate it very much. I will take a look then.


Hey Chief, I’m kinda new to reading these posts so wondering if you can clarify. For example you have Tonali Xbox 15k listed, is that the price we should aim to get him for? Or are we trying to snipe the profit target you listed, in this case 3-5k so try to buy around 12k or less?

Cheers for your help. Made a nice profit off of Depay already today.




Hi Chief,

tonali has dropped from 17 k to 15 k on PS. Do you still think he’ll reach your estimated selling price of 19-21 k? I could imagine that there’d be a lot of panic on the market this thursday and friday due to the announced ucl promo.


I agree but do you expect him to rebound from his current price the coming 2 days?


What are we thinking now? He’s dropped to 14.5k


Do you think we’ll see the best profit if we hold till promo?


So just take the loss?


I don’t expect he’ll rise from 13k back to 16-17k.


Everybody’s price has dropped because of tomorrow’s promo, be patient you should be able to break even or make a small amount of profit if you hold off.


Hey chief i packed fut heroes gomez sell or hold on him?


It’s Thursday and his price has gone down should we be worried?


If he moves up enough for me to break even should I offload him before the promo comes out?


will he go down now that he has a live card


Don’t you think more people will buy his inform since they aren’t able to afford his live card?

Almost losing 200 k on my 52 Tonali’s if I sell him for 12k ;(


It’s just unlucky not one could of seen he would of got a card today, the whole market is dipping rn tho so don’t stress if other cards are dipping as well