Investment: Inform Müller

Inform Müller goes OOP with TOTW 4 tomorrow. He is not only a cheap 88 rated inform, he is also among the cheapest 88 rated players. He has good links and will rise as we continue to get desirable SBCs, regardless of whether they require informs or not (as he will rise along with 88s).

I was skeptical about inform investments a few days ago, but now that we have seen the Fekir & Inaki SBCs require them, I am more comfortable grabbing them.

Inform Müller: PS4 24k XBOX 24k PC 25k (3-5k profit target)

Sell when you can get my profit target. If nothing else, toss one of him in your club, forget about him, and sell him in a month or two when he is much higher in price.



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Azpi And toget 85 totw – should we sell now or wait


when to sell?


Bought 10 of him for 20k earlier this week already at 29k now on pc


I’d sell bro!! Haha but your call


This investment due to Muller being German and from Bundesliga, reminds me of the tip in last year or the year before investment tip you gave for Hector in form😂…that card ROI was massive

Jamie Shore

I was all over that, made about 50k a card!


Me too!! Can’t remember what flash back SBC which came…anyway I am like 500k into Muller…one got lazies sold at 29k


Is this still a hold chief, Price hasn’t moved. Should we just hold and wait for SBC’s as there aren’t any better looks atm?


Hello chief,

Still time to invest or the wagon has passed?


Hi Chief, do u still think Müller is a good hold? Got about 28 müllers for 23,5 k each


Finally got out of the muller investment chief…3.5k pat per card x 22 cards…


Chief…Right now I am sitting on: 84 Simone x 55 (10.5k), 84 Chilwell x 10 (11k), 83 Laborde/Savanier x 30 (10250)


Hi chief, great advise on IF muller, I’ve got 40 IF mullers which I bought for between 20-23k, he’s selling at 30k. Is he worth holding further for the potential mpabbe and base icon sbc’s or is it worth selling and re-investing elsewhere?


Nice mate