Q & A Tuesday – Week 5

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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bro, foden is 70k, you think he wil grow again or i need to sell he now ??


Hi chief, What do think about investing in Issa diop at 25k on xbox?


thank you 🐐


Whilst that’s usually true for promo cards, don’t you think that there’s an extra factor here because of the Euro games this week?

A win or a draw/loss will likely make the price jump as people either panic buy or sell based on upgrade chance

So take a card like Tonali – If Milan don’t win their game, I’m thinking his price could take a sharp drop

There’s also maybe a high risk / reward investment opportunity here if you pick the right cards, but I’ll leave that kind of thing to you 😀


Yeah I totally get where you’re coming from

I’ve actually made some good coin from trading live cards in the past, but the market is pretty unpredictable this year

Maybe the only play here is to buy cards on panic selling dips where the team is not actually out of the running yet; or perhaps even wait out the 1st set of games to see how the price moves…


What about raphinha if, i know there is some panic if lucas moura sbc is rm but i think there has been some panic selling. i’ve 2 bought at 40k, i may risk it and keep it until its oop. What do you think?


So you think Lozano and Raphinha will continue to fall? Raphinha is at 36k, can he get any lower?

Tom Johnson

if I’m looking to upgrade my team by buying IF foden would now be the best time to buy him or will his price go any lower

Tom Johnson

Thank you


Should I keep holding IF Lozano or sell off? I paid about 24k each on Sunday, hes down to 22.5k


What do you think about lozano and raphininha going out of OOP soon? Could we see a bit of increase? These players are used, even though not meta.


Best time to buy meta gold Davies, Pogba, Bruno etc for this weekend league


Chief, would RTTK Robertson rise after 1st team is oop? He’s about 250k on pc now and going down because of people opening MM packs.


Hey Chief, Azpi has risen to around 15k. I’m guessing due to the Williams SBC. You reckon he’ll keep rising?


Would you suggest still holding on to him?

Craig Grant

I put 700k into IF Lozano as he was listed as one of the IF to go rise after he is OOP I bought for around 26-27k and he is currently at 23k, Do you think I will lose or gain coins from him?

Craig Grant

What point is best for me to sell him?


Do you think if Tonali will rise any time soon?
Bought about 50 of him for 15k and he’s currently selling for 11-12k.

He looks like an okay card for upcoming sbc’s which require an inform. (Italian, serie a and central position)


Should I sell my tonali’s for lazy buyers the coming days or should I sell them asap for his bin and invest all my coins in müller?


I want to buy RTTK Vidal for my team. When do you think will be optimal time to buy. His price crashed today.


Really appreciate it!


Hi Chief, players like De Bruyne & Hakimi have dropped massively in the last day or so. Do you think they’ll rebound? Also, why is this? Cheers.


Do you think these players will rebound in price?


Pretty obvious, no!


Got lucky at last, CR7 for me, when you would sell , this afternoon before MM, weekend for fc? or just now? thanks


Hi Chief, unfortunately I’ve got 60+ Gvardiol IF’s on my list, bought for ~18k, they are on QS lvl at the moment, is there any chance for them to grow up or should I just sell them and search for any New updates?


New investments*


Do you still suggest muller?


Chief mate. Is there a good buy time for informs and special cards like Mane IF, Theo IF, Sarr IF and Hakimi OTW while the market is down a bit the next few day due to the promo, like any specific time you think the market is gonna be the lowest the next few days? (pc)

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