Investment: El Clásico MM

El Clásico is on Sunday. I don’t believe there has ever been a Marquee Matchups where it wasn’t featured. There are some Barcelona & Real Madrid players that are very close to discard, so little risk investing in them.

Real Madrid Rare Golds: PS4 750 XBOX 750 PC 750 (~ 500 profit target)

Barcelona Rare Golds: PS4 750 XBOX 750 PC 5750 ( ~ 500 profit target)

Sell in the first 15 minutes after Marquee Matchups are released on Thursday (released at 6pm UK time).



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i would like to be wrong but i think it’s so obvious, and everyone has some card from madrid or barsa and EA will ask only 1 player from one or other. If there is hype i rather sell on hype


why would you sell immediatly , with the matchup of last week Gold/Rare Bayern Munich players were 2.5K each … Normally these players could rise also to this amount…


When both teams are top and is highly predictable MM EA tend to make the sbc easy to achieve , most probably they will ask only for 1 player from either B or M. While most peps have already 1 player on their clubs making the all the invested B/M cards sell on discard almost. And that’s the reason the buying is almost discard. Of course i could be wrong , it’s just a hunch


I think that EA is gonna increase the sbcs cost, there is too much players on the market and its not worth to open packs.

Philip Aas

I hope this works i used 50k

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Hi Chief, I have bought Marcelo cards for 650 coins. I dont see him selling for much on Playstation. Should I wait or sell him now? Please advise