Investment: Upamecano

Upamecano had 2 assists, a clean sheet, and was MOTM in Bayern’s 4-0 victory over Hoffenheim on Saturday. I expect him to be in TOTW 6 predictions and rise in the hype leading up to the announcement.

Dayot Upamecano: PS4 4k XBOX 4k PC 4.5k (~ 1k profit target)

Sell in the hype on Wednesday, October 27th before TOTW 6 is released.



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Can you explain why Gold cards are rising in price when there is a Chance that they get a totw card ?
Because i dont really get it, the Gold cards dont change with a totw card Release, Do they?


you cant pack them in the packs, só it will be extinct


limited supply as they will be out of packs if a TOTW version comes out.

Danilo Richter

lol, no front but this is a basic in trading xD


Hello,can you help me? when is the best time to sell my gold Gnabry cards?


Upamecano otw worth investing in?


Why should i sell him before he gets his totw card??? I thought he will rise because he get instinct???.


Yea, wouldnt it be better to sell during his TOTW? Or are we selling pre TOTW because theres a risk of him not getting it?

Danilo Richter

because the hype is often bigger than the price will rise in totw. before totw selling is safe profit and in totw its gambling. choose what you like

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Hi chief, I invested in Szczesny and the market has crashed his price from 18k to 10k. Will he rise again?


Should I just take the loss or wait until 6pm on Tuesday to see if they drop a decent SBC in hopes his price will rise?


Who would you recommend to invest in, RTTK Diatta or RTTK Tapsoba? And when is best to buy them?


hey chief,
can you give us some tips on icon trading in the near future? like how long to hold onto the icons if they dont sell after multiple listings and etc

Leon King

When should I sell my otw upa

Leon King

Do you mean before 4 when they announce the team or after


Hi chief,

What about trying to snipe RTTK Lodi for 100k?
One of the best LBs in the game, good nation and good league.


Is rttk jesus navas good to invest because his price is only 99k?


Other than him who else is better to invest in team two


What if i buy the otw of upamecano ?


Sold 10 gold cards with 1k profit..thanks man..😁

Estiven G

When would be the best time to sell Upamecano TOTW‽