Q & A Tuesday – Week 6

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Hey! Do you have any players i should invest inn?


Should i invest in totw azpi 85 rated spain prem for only 13 000k?


alright thanks, just realised i wrote 13 000k meant 13k aha


hey futchief, will there be a sbc which will require a totw? and is a player which is below 2k who will rise up in profit which i can invest in?


When to sell tonali rttk


I luckily packed Marquinos RTTK last week. Do you reckon with a very potential +2 to come, do you reckon he could reach 1m? Currently about 850k. I’m using him in the meantime but still think he’s got room to go higher


Hey Chief, would cards like Sterling, Cancelo, de Bruyne rise before the WL? Where is the best time to sell those?


I’ve been holding twenty-nine IF Tchouamenis for two weeks now. He has been 20k+ for a while now and just went extinct. With the Rulebreakers promo in mind, what would you do with them? Do you think he could go up proportionate to what happened with IF Renato Sanches last year (i.e. to maybe 45-65k)?


Iโ€™ve got about 40 of Ilicic all bought for 1300, should i sell now since he comes back in packs this evening and the guaranteed totw pack expires then?


Hi Chief! Got some RTTK Vidals for 45-50k on PC. He is on a good rise already, would you wait for the upgrade or sell before next game?


Hi mate,

Will there be any rise for Reus and Andrew Robertson. I bought Reus for 412k, Robertson for 243K. How much will there price gonna go up ?


hi chief,
should I invest in 87 fodder due to prices being extremely low, due to low value sbcs and there might be some sick halloween sbcs coming out.

Bobby jones

Do you like 84 IF Rice at 11k or less? Could be nice fodder for the sbc in upcoming promo.


hey chief, was thinking of getting your 25$ sub to get cbp was wondering if you could tell me more about it. also I am currently subscribed to your 5$ patreon was wondering if it would refund me 5$ to upgrade to the 25$ sub ?


I subscirbed this month which is why im asking about the 5$ return

Martim Belas

Hi Chief.

Iโ€™m looking to invest in Donyell Malen OTW and I think this is the investment!

I have 5 reasons:

– Malen has good links and is a meta player, with 2 upgrades he will be a very good meta card and expensive.

– Dortmund won the third game out of 5 needed in Bundesliga for him to have the +3 upgrade, and after that match Malen went from 20k to 30k.

– Dortmund just have to win 2 of the next 7 matches in Bundesliga for his OTW card have a +3 upgrade.

– Haaland is injured, so probably Malen will be the first option at striker in the next matches.

– If Malen scores the opening goal in a Bundesliga match his price will increase a lot and a goal can lead to a TOTW card.

What do you think about this investment?

If you like it, when to buy him and what price?

Thank you.