Investment: Marquee Matchups 6

Marquee Matchups 6 comes out on Thursday at 6pm. With no BuLi or PL fixtures featured last week, I think we are primed to see them this week. Here are the looks I like:

Manchester United Gold RARES: PS4 700 XBOX 700 PC 700

Tottenham Gold RARES: PS4 700 XBOX 700 PC 700

Dortmund Gold COMMONS: PS4 400 XBOX 400 PC 400

Köln Gold COMMONS: PS4 400 XBOX 400 PC 400

Sell in the first 30 minutes after the Marquee Matchups are released Thursday.



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to sell with 900-1000 coins?

Mike J

Thanks Chief – would you put your sales up 30 mins pre-release or 30 mins post-release, (ie. To expire 90 mins after release)? I imagine it’s a mix to spread your risk.


Cheers mate just invested I’ll come back the the results tomorrow

JJ willemsen

I just bought 80 players so i hope your right

Toby H

Bought about 20 Donny VBs at 650. Fingers crossed.
Also bought new totw Smith Rowe at 11k, do you think that’s a good bet, Chief?

Toby H

Thanks for the advice, Chief

Jaime Loughlin

I wanted to buy a decent team this weekend mostly the gold meta players like mendy, hakimi, ousmane, llorente etc, would the best time to get good deals on these golds would be around 6-9 pm uk time on Friday since the new promo and packs will be getting opened and supplying more golds on the market?


what time zone is that?


ah ok thanks 🙂


would you say Tadic is a good investment once he reaches 10k with rewards coming up?


talking about the totw card ofc


Thanks chief! Is Manchester also worth a look towards Tuesday UCL MM? They are up aganinst Atalanta?;/g/11rx2570js;2;/m/0c1q0;dt;fp;1;;



I’ve connected my discord to patreon but it is not coming up on discord


Don’t worry bro I spoke to you on insta


Bought McTominay for 700, will he rises also ?


If Manchester united get a marquee then yes


When exactly are they coming ? 6pm in what time zone ?


Chief always refers to UK time


in what should i invest i have 360 k


Hey chief, I wanna sell my messi on PC. Best time to sell? Thank you


Chief do you expect IF Müller to rise soon? I’m currently all in on Müller (27X) and am therefore unable to make any other investments since I have no coins left.

(Because of this I missed out on manafa, missed out on maehle & currently missing out on these MM).

Do you recommend holding all my informs or do you recommend selling some (half of them?)?


they dont release it]


Picked up 20 of Sabitzer for 2k or less and he’s up to 3k now. Take the 1k+ profit now in case he isn’t the Austrian card on the loading screen? He’s still rising right now…


bought 80 of Eric Bailly, is there a reason the price went down instead of up?


win some you lose some I guess, is it better to look for a middle ground priced player instead of the cheapest in a particular position?


Rulebreakers 86 austria with 89 dribbling, look like it could be sabitzer? worth investing for when he would be oop?
Although chance it could be someone like laimer or arnautovic


Might be too late now. He’s already up about 1k from where he was earlier but coming back down a little.


Hey Chief, i want to Finally Build a Good Team, Should I wait for the Event today to buy players?